International Kai-Sun-Do Organisation


Founded by Kancho Boris Eltman in the late 1990's, Kai-Sun-Do Martial Arts helps students build mental and physical strength, as well as providing a comfortable and safe environment for learning. The most effective aspects of many Martial Arts are combined to provide a well-rounded workout for the body, mind and spirit. This includes stretching, technique, weaponry and meditation.


Kai Sun Do Martial Arts Academy - Clarinda, Melbourne
KaiSunDo Club at 'Fitness Central' - Mount Waverly, Melbourne

Budokan Kai Sun Do Martial Arts Academy - Odessa
Kai Sun Do Karate Club - Nikolaev

United States
Kai-Sun-Do Los Angeles Dojo - Tarzana, California
Kai Sun Do Karate Club - Northbrook, Illinois

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